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Taking care of patients. It’s what you do. And you want to ensure your facility has the best clinical outcomes. That is where we come in. Whether you’re building or growing, we have seasoned professionals who will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and provide the results you demand. They’ll ask questions, make recommendations and ultimately provide high quality, durable medical gas and medical device equipment at prices that won’t break the bank.


There is a lot of time and effort that goes into building a successful ASC. We have a team of experts who will work with you and your contractors to get the right products installed so your facility opens on time and on budget. Our product portfolio ranges from the medical gas systems that go behind the walls to the respiratory products that go into your operating and recovery rooms.


See Our Portfolio of Medical Gas Products and Medical Devices

Our partnerships don’t end when your ASC is built. We pride ourselves on our relationships. When you need help, we have a knowledgeable team of customer service and sales representatives, and service technicians to answer questions and provide solutions. If you need one replacement product or working on an expansion, we can work with you to get you what you need, when you need it.


See Our Portfolio of Medical Gas Products and Medical Devices

We manufacture our products so when you need assistance with any of them, we have trained technicians to assist you. Whether it’s the medical gas equipment that lives behind your walls or the vacuum regulators and flowmeters that live on your walls, we can repair or replace what you need to keep your business running.


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Our personnel can come to your facility to determine if your flowmeters and vacuum regulators are all in working order. Plus, we can help you get your rooms better organized.