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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Monobloc (Single Stage) Liquid Ring Pumps

A Series (3 to 10 HP)
A Series (3 to 10 HP)
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A Series (3 to 20 HP) with NEMA Flange
A Series (3 to 20 HP) with NEMA Flange
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Two Stage Liquid Ring Pumps

C Series (7.5 to 25 HP)
C Series (7.5 to 25 HP)
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Stainles Steel Two Stage Vacuum Pumps
Stainless Steel
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Larger Size Pumps

B and C Series (30 to 75 HP) Single and Two Stage Pumps
B and C Series (30 to 75 HP) Single and Two Stage Pumps
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Liquid ring vacuum pumps contain an impeller with vanes or blades. The impeller is driven by an induction motor and is offset from the center of the cylindrical body of the pump. The offset means the blades are closer to the outside of the top of the pump's body and farthest away from the body's bottom.

When operating, liquid (usually water) is thrust to the outside walls of the body by the impeller using centrifugal force and creates a ring of liquid. Because the impeller is offset, some of the blades are fully immersed in liquid while other blades touch very little liquid. The voids between impeller blades create compression chambers and a piston-like force. Gases are trapped in the compression chambers and forced to a discharge or exhaust port.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps can be single-stage or two-stage. Two stage vacuum pumps use two impellers operating in series. Two-stage pumps excel at higher vacuum levels. Ohio Medical offers a wide variety of liquid ring vacuum pumps.

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