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Two Stage Oil-less Compressors

Ohio Medical two stage oil-less piston compressors provide clean, high quality compressed air for laboratory and industrial applications. They feature aluminum alloy cylinders and pistons for durability and consistent performance. The crankshaft is made of durable ductile cast iron. The sealed bearings assure long term performance.

Compressor modules include the compressor, motor, belt with guard, temperature switches on each cylinder, unloader solenoid, and aftercooler, all mounted on a common base.

Ohio Medical compressor modules are great replacements for many older oil-free and oil-less compressors. Call on our Customer Support team to help select the right module for your system.

Spec Sheet
Two Stage Oil-less Compressors
Model PT5-M PT7-M PT10-M PT15-M PT20-M PT25-M PT30-M
Motor HP (60 Hz) 5 7.5 10 15 20 25 30
Capacity @ 100 PSI (CFM) 14 25 30 45 55 67 78
Capacity @ 150 PSI (CFM) 13.5 24 29 44 54 66 76
Max Pressure (PSI) 170 170 170 170 170 170 170
Operating Speed (RPM) 980 860 1050 1050 690 820 960
Weight (lb.) 620 650 650 700 1615 1640 1665
Dimensions module drawing
module drawing
module drawing
module drawing
module drawing
module drawing
module drawing
Part # (with motor) 100-0260 100-0261 100-0262 100-0263 100-0264 100-0265 100-0266
Part # (without motor) 230160 230162 230162 230163 230164 230164 230164

These reciprocating piston compressors are ideal replacements for Quincy oil-less compressors. They are also ideal replacement compressors for Ingersoll-Rand oil-less compressors.

Piston compressors utilize the same operating principle as a conventional car engine piston. The piston compresses air in a cylinder. As the piston moves down inside the cylinder, air is drawn in through a one-way intake valve. On the upward stroke, air is exhausted through a one-way exhaust valve.

Industrial reciprocating piston air compressors are widely considered 'work-horse' compressors. They are hard at work in auto body and tire shops, woodworking facilities, hospitals, construction sites, amusement parks, and industrial facilities. These compressors operate in severe duty environments, have lower maintenance costs, and are ideal for intermittent duty operation.

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