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Spec Sheet

Combination Dewpoint/CO Monitor
This combination monitor is applicable for both refrigerated and desiccant dryers. It has a range of -112 degrees to +68 degrees F. CO detection range is 0 to 100 ppm. Enclosed in a NEMA-4X case, it is powered by 110 VAC. The dewpoint sensor is automatically calibrated by a microprocessor.

Item Part #
Combination Dewpoint/CO Monitor 233013
Dewpoint Only Monitor 233029
Combination Dewpoint/CO Monitor

Carbon Monoxide Monitor
Similar to combination unit above, but without dewpoint monitoring feature. Monitors only CO. This unit features an Alarm Reset function.

Item Part #
Carbon Monoxide Monitor 233028
Calibration Kit (inc. Connector and 20 ppm Test Gas) 233015
20 ppm Test Gas Only 262791
Impurity-Free Air Test Gas 262792
CO Sensor, Chemical Cell 262787
Humidifier for CO Monitor 2610-001
Combination Dewpoint/CO Monitor
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