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Retrofit Area (25” X 18”) - Retrofit Area - Alarms

The Ohio Medical Retrofit HMI Area Alarm Kit is designed to replace most manufacturers' Area Alarms without removing the back box installed in the wall. This provides significant cost savings with minimal disruption to the facility. The Retrofit HMI Area Alarm Kit includes pre-assembled front panel with HMI touch screen display, filler panel assembly to cover the existing box/opening in the wall, power supply assembly, the required gas sensors, and the hardware required for common installations. More Information

Retrofit Area (25” X 18”) - Retrofit Area - Alarms
1 Gas Retrofit Area Alarm 263981 20 lbs
2 Gas Retrofit Area Alarm 263982 21 lbs
3 Gas Retrofit Area Alarm 263983 22 lbs
4 Gas Retrofit Area Alarm 263984 23 lbs
5 Gas Retrofit Area Alarm 263985 24 lbs
6 Gas Retrofit Area Alarm 263986 25 lbs
7 Gas Retrofit Area Alarm 263987 26 lbs
8 Gas Retrofit Area Alarm 263988 27 lbs
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