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Oil-less Rotary Scroll Air Compressors (3-5 HP)

Ohio Medical oil-less scrolls are well proven compressors for medical, lab, and industrial applications. Both low pressure and high pressure models are available; they can be powered by either 3 or 5 HP motors, depending on operating speed.

If your system is equipped with Powerex or Atlas Copco scroll compressors call on Ohio Medical for comparable replacements.

Spec Sheet
Oil-less Rotary Scroll Air Compressors
Bare Compressors:
Model HP CFM Part # Dimensions
Low Pressure Scroll
replaces part # 230074
3 HP 9.9 CFM @ 50psi 230107 drawing
Low Pressure Scroll
requires 171 mm motor side pulley for maximum capacity
5 HP 16.4 CFM @ 50psi 230150 drawing
High Pressure Scroll 3 HP 7.2 CFM @ 140psi 230151 drawing
High Pressure Scroll 5 HP 12.2 CFM @ 140psi 230152 drawing

Prior Series Scroll Air Ends:
These air ends are no longer available, but tip seal/dust seal kits are in stock:
Model HP Part # Tip Seal/Dust Seal Kit
Low Pressure Scroll 3 or 5 HP 230074 230202
High Pressure Scroll 3 or 5 HP 230075 230202

Complete Compressor Modules:
Includes 230/460 volt 3 phase motor, aftercooler, belt, guard, and temp switch, all mounted on steel base.
Model HP CFM Part # Parts & Accessories Dimensions
Low Pressure Model 3 HP 9.9 CFM @ 50 psi 230072 more info drawing
Low Pressure Model 5 HP 16.4 CFM @ 50 psi 230073 more info drawing
High Pressure Model 3 HP 7.2 CFM @ 140 psi 230082 more info drawing
High Pressure Model 5 HP 12.2 CFM @ 140 psi 230083 more info drawing
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