Air Treatment Modules

Ohio Medical air treatment modules are designed with NFPA required components for medical air applications. All modules contain dual desiccant dryers which are configured for maximum energy savings; they purge only when required per the dew point setting. Each dryer is piped with a prefilter, after filter, and activated carbon filter.

The modules also contain dew point and carbon monoxide transducers, final line pressure regulators with gauge, and relief valves.

Ohio Medical also offers air treatment modules for lab applications, that may require only a single desiccant or refrigerated dryer, or no carbon monoxide monitor. Contact our Sales Department for assistance with your needs.

Air Treatment Modules
CFM Part # Parts & Accessories
10 CFM HCTM-M-DDS-10 more info
15 CFM HCTM-C-DDS-15 more info
24 CFM HCTM-C-DDS-24 more info
34 CFM HCTM-S2C-DDS-34 more info
41 CFM HCTM-S2C-DDS-41 more info
53 CFM HCTM-S2C-DDS-53 more info
66 CFM HCTM-S2C-DDS-66 more info
88 CFM HCTM-S2C-DDS-88 more info
106 CFM HCTM-S2C-DDS-106 more info
132 CFM HCTM-S2C-DDS-132 more info
177 CFM HCTM-S2C-DDS-177 more info
212 CFM HCTM-C-DDS-212 more info
276 CFM HCTM-C-DDS-276 more info
400 CFM HCTM-C-DDS-400 more info