Exchange for Change

Need your pump rebuilt?
Don't have time to wait?
Don't have the budget for a new pump?
Then Exchange your pump For Change!

The program is simple: Contact Ohio Medical's Support Department and tell us the model number of your pump or compressor. We'll let you know if we have the exact model in our refurbished pump inventory... quote you a price for the pump on our shelf, which will include the exchange of your old pump... and ship you ours and you ship us yours.

Even if we don't have the exact match of your pump, chances are we can still save you money by either rebuilding your pump or offering you a close match. Popular exchange models include:

Squire-Cogswell rotary vane vacuum pumps:
SC6, SC10, SC15, SC20

Selectorr vacuum pumps:
S1, S2, S3L, S3, S5L, S5, S7, S10

Purpax oil-free compressors:
3NL, 7NL