Flexible Vacuum Hoses

If you are fabricating a vacuum system or changing out a pump on an existing system, our flexible vacuum hoses can provide convenience. Available in a variety of diameters and lengths, our hoses are made of stainless steel. Each flexible vacuum hose is fitted with carbon steel male NPT fittings.

These durable, thin walled, flexible stainless steel vacuum hoses do not alter or crack like rubber or plastic hoses, do not collapse under vacuum, and excel at vibration isolation.

Flexible Vacuum Hoses
12" 18" 24" 30" 36" 42" 48" 51" 60"
3/4" A-14412-12 A-14412-18 A-14412-24 A-14412-30 A-14412-36 A-14412-42 A-14412-48
1" A-14413-12 A-14413-18 A-14413-24 A-14413-30 A-14413-36 A-14413-42 A-14413-48
1-1/4" A-14414-12 A-14414-18 A-14414-24 A-14414-30 A-14414-36 A-14414-42 A-14414-48
1-1/2" A-14415-12 A-14415-18 A-14415-24 A-14415-30 A-14415-36 A-14415-42
2" A-14416-12 A-14416-18 A-14416-24 A-14416-30 A-14416-36 A-14416-42 A-14416-48 A-14416-51 A-14416-60
2-1/2" A-14417-12 A-14417-18 A-14417-24 A-14417-30 A-14417-36 A-14417-42
3" A-14418-12 A-14418-18 A-14418-24 A-14418-30 A-14418-36 A-14418-42 A-14418-48 A-14418-51
4" A-14419-12 A-14419-18 A-14419-24 A-14419-30 A-14419-36 A-14419-42