Washdown Variable Frequency Drives

Ohio Medical offers variable frequency drives to maximize energy efficiency of our pumps. By changing the line frequency, the speed of pump rotation is modified per the application.

Compact in size, these VSDs offer several features like easy installation and operation. They have a number of special functions and are available with a wide range of power choices. The CFW-08 Series is intended for speed control of three-phase induction motors. Designed exclusively for industrial or professional use, the VSD incorporates the most advanced technology and full features.

All models are easy to install and operate. They are equipped with optimized software that can be easily set through a Keypad, which enables them to process and control most industrial machines. In addition, the CFW-08 Plus series is equipped with dead time compensation technique, thus avoiding motor instability and providing increase of torque at low speeds.

Washdown Series
Part # Motor HP Drive Amps 2 Braking Transistor Frame Size
214600 1 2.7 Yes A
214601 2 4.3 Yes A
214602 3 6.5 Yes A
214603 5 10 Yes A
214604 7.5 13 Yes B
214605 10 16 Yes B
214606 15 24 Yes B
214607 20 30 Yes B