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Service Parts for Busch 400 Vacuum Pumps

Spec Sheet

Replacement Pump Module
Your pump will be like new when rebuilt with a new pump module. Includes new cylinder, vanes, seals, bearings, and end plates. No need to set to the correct tolerances, as the module is set for deep vacuum. Shaft and rotor assembly is also available.

Item Part #
Complete Pump Module 262987
Shaft & Rotor Assembly Only 264110
Inlet Check Valve Assembly 262844
Inlet Screen 264052
Busch Replacement Pump Module

Oil Float Valve Box
Retrofitting your pump with an oil float valve box will allow the pump to run continuously at deep vacuum, while managing oil flow from the upper sump back to the cylinder. Helps to prevent oil discharge/smoking and the pump runs cooler! If you need to replace only the oil return valves, we have them in stock.

Item Part #
Oil Float Valve Box 262190
Oil Return Valve (2 at front) 264050
Oil Float Valve Box

Liquid Cooling Kit
If your pump is located in a high heat environment, the use of a liquid cooling kit can help to reduce oil temperature. Includes a plate type heat exchanger, filter adapter, oil lines, fittings, and mounting strap. Requires minimum source of chilled or city water.

Item Part #
Liquid Cooling Kit 262198
Busch Vacuum Pump Liquid Cooling Kit

Heavy duty motors are applicable for 208, 230, or 460 volt, 3 phase power. The motors have a 1.25 service factor.

Item Part #
20 HP Motor, 286TC 244256
15 HP Motor, 284TC 244255
Pump/Motor Mounting Feet 264018
Temperature Switch - Normally Closed 211039

Inlet Filters
Our liquid knock out separator has a clear bucket, stainless steel screen, float ball, and bottom drain. For demanding applications, our combination filter/liquid separator includes a polyester element that is 99+% efficient to 5 microns. Holding capacity is 2.5 gallons, with a bottom mounted drain. More filters available here.

Item Part #
Inlet Filter With Paper Element 233871
Liquid Knock Out Separator (3") 233794
Combination Filter/Liquid Separator (3") 233798
Inlet Filters

Filter and Maintenance Kits
Save money on service parts. We provide oil filters, exhaust filters, and rebuild kits, which include vanes, seals, bearings, gaskets, etc. Filters can be purchased individually or as part of a kit.

Item Part #
Filter Kit: 8 exhaust filters, oil filter, gaskets for exhaust cover & separator 264181
Exhaust Filter with O ring (8 needed) 264085
Exhaust Filter Spring (8 needed) 262107
Rebuild Kit: vanes, bearings, taper pins, exhaust valve seat plates 264320
Gasket Kit, including Seals 264183
Oil Filter 264091
Complete rebuild requires 264320, 264181, and 264183.

Filters and Rebuild Kits for Busch Vacuum Pumps

Synthetic 40 wt. vacuum pump oil provides long term durability, even in high heat environments. Available from stock in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers.

Item Part #
Oil, 40 wt. synthetic, 1 gallon 249223
Oil, 40 wt. synthetic, 5 gallons 249224
Oil, 40 wt. food grade, 1 gallon 249230
Oil, 40 wt. food grade, 5 gallons 249231
Vacuum Pump Oil

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