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Nitrogen - Complete Header Bar Kits with Dual Connections - Space Saver Header Bars - Manifolds

Each kit contains header bars and shutoff valves for both sides of manifold. Mounting brackets included. Connections include check valves and 36" flexible pigtails, except for oxygen which are 24" rigid copper. These can be used for low or high pressure gases, except low pressure oxygen. Length is for both sides of header bar connected to an 18" wide manifold cabinet. Total horizontal space will be dependant upon cylinder placement.

Nitrogen - Complete Header Bar Kits with Dual Connections - Space Saver Header Bars - Manifolds
1x1 Kit (43.3" length) 261696-01 lbs
2x2 Kit (52.1" length) 261696-02 lbs
3x3 Kit (63.1" length) 261696-03 lbs
4x4 Kit (51.7" length) 261696-04 lbs
5x5 Kit (63.1" length) 261696-05 lbs
6x6 Kit (71.9" length) 261696-06 lbs
7x7 Kit (73.1" length) 261696-07 lbs
8x8 Kit (71.4" length) 261696-08 lbs
9x9 Kit (92.9" length) 261696-09 lbs
10x10 Kit (101.7" length) 261696-10 lbs
11x11 Kit (112.6" length) 261696-11 lbs
12x12 Kit (111.4" length) 261696-12 lbs
13x13 Kit (122.4" length) 261696-13 lbs
14x14 Kit (131.2" length) 261696-14 lbs
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