Maintaining Your ASC

Vacuum Regulators
We carry a complete line of suction regulators and accessories designed to provide reliable clinical solutions, ease-of-use and patient safety.
Multipurpose Therapy Stands
Our multi-purpose therapy stand (MPTS) and accessories including canisters, filters and venturi suction, were developed with your OR vacuum needs in mind.
Portable Suction
We also have portable suction solutions in the event of a power outage. The battery-operated units are compact and ready to use when you need them.
Integrated Flowmeters & Flowmeters
Our flowmeters meet strict standards of durability and precision. And our patented integrated flowmeter has one unique outlet and two reliable ports.
Hose Assemblies & Rail Systems
Customize your hose and rail systems for your facility. Ohio Medical has the ability to develop these products to your specifications.
Mobile Carts
Single and Dual Patient Carts available. When you need to expand your capabilities to take care of a rapidly growing number of patients, the Mobile Acute Care Station is your answer. This mobile unit, which measures just 34” wide will fit into tight spaces between beds or against walls in hallways. It also features a powder coated easy-to-clean surface, hospital-grade, locking dual casters and side handles for easy movement.
Sure Traps
The cost-effective Sure-Trap™ is designed to save you time and money, while also protecting your medical suction equipment. With the new Sure-Trap™, there is no cleaning required—simply discard when the trap is contaminated. The Sure-Trap™ is the last line of defense and protection against accidental contamination of your vacuum regulators, wall outlets and central pipeline systems.
Equipment Rails
The Ohio Medical Equipment Rail System offers health care professionals many advantages in the use of critical care equipment. Effortlessly convert one patient room into a two patient occupancy room with the addition of moveable gas blocks. Equipment Rails help eliminate damage to the wall and outlets, reducing the cost of maintenance and repairs. And, you can easily remove devices and equipment from the rail to conduct thorough cleaning of rooms, reducing the risk of hospital associated infections (HAI).
Canisters & Collection Bottles
Used for collection and disposal of aspirated fluids, Ohio Medical’s single use Canisters and reusable Collection Bottles also help prevent other fluids, aerosols, lint and dust from getting into vacuum regulators or wall outlets.
Vacuum Pumps and Compressors
Choose from a wide variety of rotary vane, liquid ring, and claw vacuum pumps as well as compressors, accessories, and maintenance products such as filters and oil.
Vacuum Systems
The oil-sealed duplex vacuum systems and oil-less rotary vane vacuum systems come in a variety of sizes, operate quietly and come with touch screen panels. They’re also compact, which is important when space is at a premium.
Manifolds & Alarms
We also provide manifolds and master and area alarms. Their touch screen panels make them easy to operate and read in a variety of lighting conditions.
In addition, we also provide a variety of outlets to meet your facility’s specifications. They are offered in wall, ceiling and console installation. Standard hose drops with retractors and custom length hoses are readily available.
ri-thermo® fastPRObe
The ri-thermo® fastPRObe is an electronic, probe thermometer for quick and accurate body temperature measurements. Designed for professional use in the daily routine, offering oral, rectal and axillary measurements.
ri-thermo® sensioPRO+
The ri-thermo® sensioPRO+ non-contact infrared thermometer is accurate and fast, helping minimize cross contamination. Clinical grade forehead temperature measurements, calibrated to an oral body temperature reference.
ri-thermo® tymPRO+
The ri-thermo® tymPRO+ is a clinical grade tympanic thermometer with guiding indicator and advanced measuring technology. The unique probe cover with dispenser box provides an efficient workflow, minimizing cross contamination.
RVS-100 Vital Signs Monitor
The RVS-100 is an easy to use vital signs monitor with touchscreen display, offering pulse oximetry, blood pressure and temperature measurements. Meeting your healthcare system’s needs, offering spot check, triage, and continuous monitoring modes.
big ben® Sphygmomanometer
big ben® well thought-out options for everyday use. big ben reflects the highest grade analogue sphygmomanometers for precise blood pressure measurement. big ben® sphygmomanometers are especially large and sturdy devices designed for intensive use in physicians’ practices and hospitals.

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