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Claw Vacuum Pumps and Claw Compressors for Soil Remediation

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Claw vacuum pumps are utilized by soil remediation, ground water remediation, and multi-phase extraction experts. Claw vacuum pumps are beneficial on soil vapor extraction projects for pulling unwanted volatile organic compounds from contaminated soil. Typical examples include gas station sites and old factories that have allowed oils, solvents, etcetera to enter into the soil.

Air sparging is another form of soil remediation where claw compressors or other types of compressors are used to push air into the soil beneath the water surface in order to remove unwanted materials.

The claw design is uniquely suitable for these soil remediation applications because there is no oil or water in the airstream. Claw compressors require little to no maintenance. Claw vacuum pumps can operate continuously and dependably for long periods of time. Inlet filters are typically used for both vacuum and compressor applications in order to trap contaminants from entering the pumping chamber.

A claw vacuum pump consists of two rotors. The rotors turn in opposite directions, without contact, with very tight clearances. They are synchronized via a precision gear. As the claw moves over the suction connection and the axial suction channel inlet, gas is sucked into the compression chamber.

The revolving rotors move gas from the suction side to the pressure side. Then it is compressed by the reduction of the volume between the rotors until the lower rotor uncovers the discharge channel. This "internal compression" leads to high differential pressures at efficiencies of more than 60%. To remove the heat generated by the compression process, cooling air is sucked in between the compression housing and a silencing cover before leaving the pump.

Ohio Medical offers a complete line of rotary claw vacuum pumps and oil-less rotary claw compressors for soil remediation.

Learn more about our solutions for the soil remediation industry by downloading this brochure.

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