Monobloc Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Plastic Extrusion Sizing Tanks

Plastic extruders know monobloc liquid ring vacuum pumps are a critical component in plastic extrusion sizing tanks.

Sizing tanks are long horizontal water baths that shape, calibrate, and cool extruded plastic. When freshly extruded plastic travels through the sizing tank's water bath, vacuum from a monobloc liquid ring vacuum pump forces the plastic against the sizing tool to shape and maintain the shape of the plastic extrusion product. The vacuum pump evacuates the air in the sizing tank's chamber. The water cools the product until it is rigid.

Because there is a significant amount of water present, a liquid ring vacuum pump is almost always used. A key challenge is to manage the water going into the pump so as to prevent flooding of the pump and potential damage. Ohio Medical offers special liquid ring vacuum pumps for extruders using a center line drain valve as well as relief valve to help manage water.

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Monobloc Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps for Plastic Extrusion Sizing Tanks