Rotary Vane Deep Vacuum Pumps
for Meat Packing Vacuum Packaging

Meat packing uses deep vacuum to evacuate oxygen away from meat and to pull packaging material over the meat to increase shelf life. Often, a 25HP rotary vane vacuum pump requiring 29.9" Hg is used (such as Ohio Medical's S25 and the Busch 630). These pumps provide significant capacity at deep vacuum.

Ohio Medical offers a wide range of vacuum pumps from 0.75 HP to 25 HP for meat packaging, form‑fill‑seal applications, and vacuum tumblers.

We also provide service parts such as vacuum pump filters, oil, and rebuild kits. Our rotary vane pumps are comparable to Busch. In fact, our service parts, such as filters, vanes, etc. fit into Busch pumps. No need to stock a separate line of replacement parts.

Learn more about our solutions for the meat packing industry by downloading this brochure.

Meat Packing Rotary Vane Deep Vacuum Pumps