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The following products have limited availability and/or have been replaced by newer models. This information is provided for reference purposes.

Oil-less Rotary Scroll Air Compressors (7.5-10 HP)

Ohio Medical oil-less scrolls are well proven compressors for medical, laboratory, and industrial applications. They are available in low pressure and high-pressure versions.

Both 7.5 HP and 10 HP models are offered to meet required capacities. Common accessories, such as temperature switch, relief valve, isolation valve, etc. are available. Bare scroll air ends are applicable for Ohio Medical and Hitachi scroll compressor systems.

Complete modules with motors, belts, belt guard, aftercooler, and relief valve, are mounted on a common base for easy retrofit in the field.

Spec Sheet
Oil-less Rotary Scroll Air Compressors
Bare Compressors:
Model HP CFM Part #
Low or High Pressure Scroll 7.5 HP 23.8 CFM/50 psi
15.5 CFM/145 psi
Low or High Pressure Scroll 10 HP 32 CFM/50 psi
24 CFM/145 psi
High Pressure Scroll 10 HP 24.0 CFM/145 psi 230146-HP

Complete Compressor Modules:
Includes 230/460 volt 3 ph.motor, aftercooler, belt, and guard, all mounted on steel base.
Model HP CFM Part #
Low Pressure Model 7.5 HP 23.8 CFM/50 psi
21.1 CFM/100 psi
Low Pressure Model 10 HP 32.0 CFM/50 psi
30.2 CFM/100 psi
High Pressure Model 7.5 HP 15.5 CFM/145 psi 230145-HP
High Pressure Model 10 HP 24.0 CFM/145 psi 230146-HP
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