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Rotary Vane Vacuum System Troubleshooting Guide

If your
system is:
Providing a Low Level of Performance Experiencing Oil Blowby Generating Excessive Heat Frequent Starts and Stops Experiencing High Amp Draw and Motor Trip Out Making a Loud Chattering Noise


A. Low line voltage. Power consumption is a function of line voltage and amperage draw (P=IxE). If the facility's line voltage dips below required levels, the pump and motor may draw excessive amps, resulting in excessive heat and motor trip out.

B. The motor starter could have a worn or pitted contactor. Such a situation would not allow the contactor to handle the proper level of amperage, causing it to interrupt power to the motor prematurely.

C. There could be a loose wire in the main power feed or the circuit to the pump motor. Loose or inadequate wire connections will cause excessive resistance and subsequent high amp draw.

D. Your pump could have restricted discharge filters. This condition could cause excessive back pressure, resulting in high amp draw and motor trip out.

E. Your pump could also have highly contaminated oil due to in the ingestion of particulates. Such oil breakdown could cause the pump's motor to trip.

F. A weak motor. If the pump's motor is old, it could become weak due to numerous occasions of heating and cooling. The motor may need to be replaced.

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