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Rotary Vane Vacuum System Troubleshooting Guide

If your
system is:
Providing a Low Level of Performance Experiencing Oil Blowby Generating Excessive Heat Frequent Starts and Stops Experiencing High Amp Draw and Motor Trip Out Making a Loud Chattering Noise


A. If your system is equipped with a vacuum relief valve, it could be stuck open. The purpose of the relief valve is to open to atmosphere if the vacuum level achieved exceeds the desired level, thereby protecting the pump and other system components. However, if the vacuum relief valve seat is dirty or stuck open, the vacuum pump will always pull air from atmosphere, reducing the desired level of vacuum.

B. The system could also have a defective inlet check valve. If it is partially stuck closed, this could impede the amount of flow through the vacuum line, reducing performance. If you have a multiplex system and one of the inlet check valves is stuck open, the other pump could be pulling vacuum through the pump with the bad valve, instead of only evacuating the process line. This situation could also cause reduced vacuum performance.

C. Your vacuum pump may also have clogged exhaust filters. Their purpose is to eliminate oil mist from the discharge line. However, if they become clogged with contaminants, this could create excessive back pressure, resulting in poor performance.

D. Your pump could have worn vanes. Each time the pump is energized, the vanes slide out of the rotor and contact the cylinder wall. When the vanes become worn, they will contribute to reduced pump performance and will need to be changed. If the vanes become very worn, they could come out of the rotor when energized and create severe pump damage.

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