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Rotary Vane Vacuum System Troubleshooting Guide

If your
system is:
Providing a Low Level of Performance Experiencing Oil Blowby Generating Excessive Heat Frequent Starts and Stops Experiencing High Amp Draw and Motor Trip Out Making a Loud Chattering Noise


A. Your system may have a worn vacuum switch. This could result in sending signals to the motor to start and stop more frequently than necessary.

B. If your system is a multiplex system, the pump other than the one starting and stopping excessively could have a defective check valve on it. If it is stuck open, the valve may cause the other pump to start and stop excessively, as it is trying to maintain vacuum from a partially open vacuum line.

C. The system vacuum switches could be set at differential pressures that are too close together. The closer the differential pressures are set, the more the pumps will be energized, attempting to meet the switch settings.

D. No minimum run timer. Some systems, particularly larger ones, operate best when equipped with a minimum run timer. Such a device is designed to ensure that the pump, once energized, will run for a specified minimum time before shutting off. This device is used to help save energy due to excessive power inrush and heating of pump motors.

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