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Rotary Vane Vacuum System Troubleshooting Guide

If your
system is:
Providing a Low Level of Performance Experiencing Oil Blowby Generating Excessive Heat Frequent Starts and Stops Experiencing High Amp Draw and Motor Trip Out Making a Loud Chattering Noise


A. The pump's vanes may be worn and need replacing. Whether your rotary vane pump is oil sealed or dry running, the vanes will eventually wear. The chattering noise could be caused by the excessive travel required when vanes are worn passed the manufactures specifications.

B. The pump's cylinder may be wash boarded due to contaminated oil or the ingestion of particulates into the pumping chamber. Due to the tight clearance between the vanes and rotor slots, contaminated oil or particulates in the pump's cylinder could cause the vanes to come out of the rotor slots on an angle, damaging the vanes, cylinder, or both.

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