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Rotary Vane Vacuum System Troubleshooting Guide

If your
system is:
Providing a Low Level of Performance Experiencing Oil Blowby Generating Excessive Heat Frequent Starts and Stops Experiencing High Amp Draw and Motor Trip Out Making a Loud Chattering Noise


A. Your pump may have a clogged oil to air heat exchanger. If the oil to air heat exchanger is not clean and clear the heat exchanger will not function properly. The heat exchanger must be able to suspend the oil and allow air to pass over the fins to properly cool the oil.

B. The vacuum system may be subject to heat generated by other equipment in the room. This can be the case in mechanical rooms that have a lot of mechanical equipment located close together. Vacuum systems require a minimum amount of open space around them for ventilation and service. Make sure that your vacuum system is not directly in the path of heat rejection from other equipment.

C. The ambient temperature in the room may be too high. Most rotary vane vacuum pumps and systems are air cooled. One of the necessary conditions for effective heat control is proper room temperature. The room where your system is located may require additional ventilation or an external source of cooling brought to the room. Make sure to follow manufacturers recommendations regarding maximum allowable ambient temperatures for your system.

D. You may consider retrofitting your pumps for liquid cooling. If your facility has a source of chilled water, you may be able liquid cool the pump oil through a liquid to liquid heat exchanger.

E. You may also consider the use of synthetic oil if allowed by the pump manufacturer. Many synthetic oils are more tolerant to high temperatures, resulting in less oil break down and possible longer service intervals.

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